Renting in Carrollwood, Lutz Land O’Lakes, Welsey Chapel and North Tampa

Thinking of renting a home or apartment in Carrollwood, Lutz Land O’Lakes, Welsey Chapel or North Tampa? Before signing the rental application, here are some things to ask yourself:

Have you looked at at least 3 rental locations? 

OK, the busy Realtor side of may would love to get you into the first place you look at. But that is not providing a service to you. Take some time to see several properties. And bring a notpad! Don’t trust your memory too much. Write down three things you like best, and three things that are concerns with each home you look at. That can help you immeasureably  in the future.

How’s will your credit come back on the landlord’s credit check?

There is no reason to plunk down $50 for a credit report with your rental or leasing application and wondering how things are going to work out. Visit a site like Credit Karma and get your free credit report before going too far. Many problems can be fixed in a matter of days online. Look for at least a 640 FICO score to get an application accepted. 

How is the drive?

Are you going with, or against the flow of traffic when headed to and from work or school? Are you always driving into the sun? You may not mind the answers now. but over time, these little things will pick at you like a mosquito in the bedroom at night! Picking the wrong rental can mean hours a month in discomfort! This is really where have some local advice helps. Someone who know where the trouble traffic areas tend to be. Someone like me to help guide you 😉

How are the neighbors?

Maybe you can only look at properties in Carollwood, Lutz Land O’Lakes, Welsey Chapel and North Tampa in the days. But before you sign on the dotted line, swing by around 7:00 PM or on a saturday morning and see if the Rock Band next door is struggling with their bad rendition of Stairway to Heaven!

There is lots more to think about. That’s where woprking with a Realtor can come in very handy. Typically, Realtors earn very ittle on helping you find a rental. But we know if we stand out in serving you as a rental customer, we have a pretty good shot at being in front of the line when it is time for you to buy.

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