Lutz – Stuck in the 50’s or About To Explode?

I was driving towards home on Whitaker Rd yesterday and saw that a new housing subdividsion was going in. A large dirt berm was along the road boundry, leading to an eventuial steel gate. 10 homes will be built with prices starting in the $700,000.00 range.

I could not help but reminisce about visiting Mr. Johnson’s dairy farm in Lutz as a child. It seemed like it was half a world away from my Seminole Heights stomping grounds. Down the road from the dairy farm, I woked on weekends fixing fence and tending to cattle at small ranch on County Line and Hwy 41. (Now Target) One of my Seminole Heights neighbors Ronnie Haya’s father kept some cattle there. That was my picture of Lutz for 50 years. Lut’z was a rural outcropping so different from Tampa.

But look what’s happened in the last few years. Businesses once reserved for busy cities are now surrounding the city.

  • Tampa Premium Outlet Mall
  • Super WalMart and Target
  • Ace Hardware
  • Lowes 

And the money that once would have purchased a working Ranch or Dairy farm can now buy a home behind a dirt berm and steel gate. Perhaps Lutz’ time has come and it’s about to explode. I’m just not sure if it is a good explosion, or bad.

I think about all the people who move into the country, then try to make it like the city. Security fences, Street lights, sidewalks… Then before you know it, the country is just another city. That’s “progress” I guess.

The good news is: Lutz still has plenty of country areas left. I can help you find them. Or if you choose to be part of the big city conversion, I know where those areas are too! 

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