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Thinking of just calling the name on the “House for Sale” sign in North Tampa?

Think again. While few real estate agents know more about the house that’s for sale than the listing agent, there may be some down sides for you not calling us to sell you your new home.

In most instances, the listing agents represents the buyer. His or her’s sole duty is to get the buyer the best possible price for the real estate that is for sale.  The agent is working for the seller. in fact, in many instances the agent is bound to the seller. The seller may have told the agent that they will take $10,000.00 less for the property. However, the listing agent can’t tell you that!

We think there is a better option. We can represent you as a Single Agent. As your single agent, we represent YOU. Not the seller. It is the best way to have someone knowlegable looking after YOUR interests in the Real Estate transaction. All you have to do is “hire” us. No, you don’t have to pay us. In fact, the seller has already agreed to pay us if their home is listed on the MLS. All you have to do is sign a Single Agent Agreement BEFORE viewing a property. And Voila! You now have the strength and expertise of our entire team working to protect your interests. Ask about our Single Agent option before viewing a property!