Concealed Carry Friendly Establishments

Concealed Weopns Friendly

Supporting Concealed Weapons Friendly establishments

Like me, you’ve likely been there yourself. You get dressed up,  ready to head out with your Glock concealed securely on your waistband.

But when you get to the restaurant or store, you see the sign “No Concealed Weapons!”

As a law abiding citizen, you know that you can’t legally carry a weapon into the establishment with the sign posted. And while you are concerned about an establishment limiting your 2nd Amendment rights, you’re more concerned that the establishment might as well put up a sign “Rob us because nobody here can defend themselves!”

So you leave, slightly disappointed because leaving your weapon in your car and going back inside is not an option. To you, carrying a concealed weapon is a responsibility of a concerned citizen as much as a Constitutional Right To Carry.

Out of that scenario, this site was born. Now, licensed and legal Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit holders have a new resource for finding Concealed Carry Friendly establishments.

Here you can review, and even add sites that are carry friendly and responsible to their communities.

After all, we know that the safest establishment is a Gun Store and the most unsafe environment is a so-called Gun Free Zone!